SSC has moved!!!

October 2011 we have moved to a new location. Bigger and better than the last, newer and better organized. 

We still have a few growing pains to overcome. And soon will be seeking to add more employees and possibly even a live web cam in 2013.

 Stones vader concept 

We at SSC are very pleased to finally introduce our projects to the public. We are a group of artists who enjoy making wearable art work and film prop replicas.                                                 

Face plate of trooping dark lord helmet

ROTJ dark lord facing left

Just one of the many features of our new studio is the addition of a new, fully functional paint spray booth. This is one item that is both a luxury, and a necessity.

So please, explore our website as we expand our love and obsession for this hobby.

Last updated: 12/03/2012

Stone Studio Creations is a sole entity and is not affiliated with any other group or licenced franchise.